How To Play Video Poker: 8 Basic Rules

Video poker has several variations, but they all share similar rules and objectives. If you love card games or are looking for a new challenge, video poker might be exactly what you need! 


This article will answer all of your pressing questions about this exciting game. Read on to discover more about how to play video poker, its variations, tips for success, and more!

What is Video Poker?

Video poker is a unique game that combines elements of both video games and poker. You must use strategy and skill to win, but you also get lucky with the randomness of the cards you’re dealt. It’s a challenging game, but one that anyone can master with practice and patience. 


You play by making a wager, then being dealt five virtual cards from a standard 52-card deck. You have the option of keeping, or discarding, up to five of your cards in hopes of being dealt better replacements. 


Once you’ve made your final selections, you are shown the outcome of your game and awarded a payout based on the strength of your hand. Video poker allows you to make strategic decisions to maximize your winnings. 


You have the chance to earn a large payout with little risk compared to other casino games. The primary goal with video poker is to earn the highest payout with a hand that is as close to a royal flush as possible.

How to Play Video Poker

First, select a machine with a low-enough payout percentage to allow you to win more often. Since you don’t have to pay a house fee to play, you can bet more per hand. Then, choose an amount to wager. 


A recommended amount is $1 per hand because it offers a good balance between risk and reward. The higher the amount you bet, the more you could win, but you also risk losing more. 


Next, you must decide how many credits to play. This is how many hands you can play at once. The more credits you play, the more you risk losing. It’s important to find a balance that allows you to play long enough to win but not go broke in the process. 


The most important factor when playing video poker is your choice of machine. You want to find a machine with a low enough payout percentage to allow you to win more often, like 99%. Since you don’t have to pay a house fee to play, you can bet more per hand. 


Once you’ve selected a machine, decide how many credits you want to play. The number of hands you can play at once varies from machine to machine, so find out what’s available where you plan to play. You also want to stay long enough to win but not go broke.

rules of poker

8 Basic Rules for Video Poker

As with any game, when it comes to video poker there are certain rules you must abide by if you ever want to win. Follow these basic rules for video poker, and you’re guaranteed to see improvement in your winnings and strategy! 


  1. You must play the game correctly in order to win money. You will not win every time you play, but you can improve your results by knowing what to do and what not to do. If you want to start playing video poker, you should understand the rules and know how to play. 
  2. The goal of video poker is to finish with a poker hand that is closest to a royal flush. Hands with a higher value than a royal flush are rarer and pay more. Hands that are lower than a royal flush are less rare, but they pay less.
  3. Video poker uses both a hand and a deck. The player’s hand is five cards from a standard 52-card deck. 
  4. There are many different variations of poker. Find the one that works best for you. 
  5. Stay within the bet range for each machine. You don’t want to over-bet and risk going broke. 
  6. Pay attention to the pay table. It displays the payouts for winning hands. Know what your winning hand is before you start playing. 
  7. You can discard as many cards as you want and choose new cards. If you have a pair, there are two options: You can discard the pair and hope to get two different cards, or you can keep the pair and hope to draw another card to make a better hand. 
  8. Video poker is all about the right timing. Use strategy and keep a cool head.


Video poker is a challenging game that requires a strategic approach and attention to detail in order to win consistently. You must understand the game and how it works before you start playing. 


The following are a few tips to help you become a better player. Stay within your bankroll, find a game that pays well, finds the right machine for you, play long enough to win, use strategy and keep a cool head.

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